Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems

Professional commercial master key system service in Indianapolis, Indiana

As a business owner or operator in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, it is crucial for you to gain easy access to multiple (or all) of the areas in your commercial property. To do so, Chief of Locks provides efficient and safe master key services, allowing you to smoothly enter each area of your property and perform your business duties as needed.

Master keying is a process in which our technicians custom-make one key to access multiple or all locks in your commercial property, allowing for improved workflow, quick access, increased security, and maximum convenience of not carrying too many keys and getting confused. By installing a master key system in your property you can easily ensure that only verified personnel gain access to certain areas, as well as gain quick access to all parts of the business in case of emergencies.

If you are a business owner or operator in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area and are interested in getting a master key system installed but don’t know if it’s the right choice, rest assured – you can’t go wrong with getting at least one master key. Businesses that most commonly use master keys are schools, office buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, retail environments, storage spaces, performance venues, museums, government facilities, and basically any type of commercial property with multiple locks.

Chief of Locks can create a master key system with pre-installed locks that are already in your property or provide a full-property lock installation for all the doors if needed. Enjoy the peace of mind and increased flow of operation in your business by calling Chief of Locks today to install a master key program and gain easy access to all parts of your Indianapolis property.

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