Why Choose Chief of Locks for Car Key Replacement

If you need a new car key, a dealership may be tempting. Chief of Locks may be better for various reasons.

First, our locksmiths usually finish faster than dealerships. Dealerships may be backlogged or need to order the key from the manufacturer, which might take days or weeks. Chief of Locks can cut and program a key immediately. If you’re stuck without a key, this can help. We’ll come to you as a mobile locksmith.

Chief of Locks is cheaper. Dealerships charge far more for car keys than we do. Dealerships must mark up prices to pay overhead and earn a profit. Due to minimal overhead, Chief of Locks offers lower prices.

Automotive Locksmith

Chief of Locks offers key flexibility and cost savings. Most dealerships sell factory keys, which are more expensive and less secure than aftermarket keys. While our organization frequently has access to a wider choice of key options, including high-security keys and remote keys with keyless entry. This enhances vehicle personalization and security.

Chief of Locks offers convenience. Instead of driving to a dealership, you can book a locksmith to come to your house, business, or even the side of the road if you are stranded. This may save you time and a tow.

Pricing and Options for Car Key Replacement

Chief of Locks professionals is also skilled and competent. Our locksmiths are professionals in all lock and key services. We can manage a wide range of situations and provide experienced guidance and recommendations. Dealerships may not be as knowledgeable about locks and keys or as able to provide individual service.

Chief of Locks is better for car key help than a dealership for various reasons. Consider faster turnaround times, cost savings, a greater range of key options, convenience, and expertise.

Chief of Locks for Car Key Replacement

Pricing Car Keys:

Q: Chief of Locks’ car key replacement cost?

A: Our locksmiths’ car key replacement prices depend on your vehicle’s make, model, and key type. Chief of Locks charges $50–$400 for car key replacements. It’s crucial to note that this is just an estimate, and the actual cost may be greater or cheaper depending on your circumstances.

Are aftermarket car keys cheaper than factory keys?

A: Aftermarket car keys are usually cheaper than factory keys. Because aftermarket keys are not created by the vehicle manufacturer, they do not have the same brand marking. However, aftermarket keys vary in quality, and a factory key may be a better long-term investment.

Why not choose a delaership for new car keys?

There are various reasons to avoid a dealership for new car keys. One reason is that dealerships charge substantially more for car keys than locksmiths. Dealerships charge extra since they have higher overhead costs and typically monopolize the service.


Avoid dealerships for car keys because they take longer. Dealerships must order keys from the manufacturer, which takes days or weeks. Locksmiths have keys in stock and can deliver the job faster.

Key Programing

Locksmiths may offer better service than dealerships. Locksmiths make and program car keys. They can work on several automobiles and often do it on the spot. Dealerships may lack experience and service.

Finally, dealerships are less convenient than locksmiths. They can service your car from home, saving you a trip to the dealership. If you’re stuck or need a key quickly, this is convenient.

For new car keys, a locksmith is usually cheaper and more handy than a dealership. Locksmiths offer faster, cheaper, and on-site service. If you need new car keys, use a locksmith instead of a dealership.


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