Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks: The Chief of Locks for Your Home

When it comes to protecting your home, deadbolt locks are a great option since they provide a high degree of security and resistance to forced access. Our solid metal deadbolt locks are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and designs to fit any home.

Deadbolt Locks


Deadbolt Lock Selection:

Making sure your home’s deadbolt lock is the proper one can help to guarantee that it offers the security you need. Here are some things to think about:

Deadbolt Locks
Deadbolt Locks

Services for locksmiths

Our expert locksmith services are ready to assist you if you need assistance installing or repairing your deadbolt lock. In Indianapolis, Greenwood, Fishers, Bloomington, Avon, and Acton, we provide mobile locksmith services.

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For safeguarding your home, deadbolt locks are a good option. Our solid metal deadbolt locks are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and designs to fit any home. By using our expert locksmith services, you can make sure that your deadbolt lock is set up and maintained correctly, giving you the security and peace of mind you need.

Deadbolt Locks


Despite the fact that deadbolt and deadlock are technically two different types of locks, they are frequently used interchangeably. A deadbolt lock is a particular kind of door lock that can only be opened by turning a key or a thumb turn on the inside of the door. A deadlock is a type of lock that lacks a spring mechanism and cannot be opened without a key.

Having a deadbolt lock fitted on it makes a door a deadbolt door. The added layer of security that deadbolt locks offer against break-ins and burglaries makes them a popular choice for external doors.

However, picking a deadbolt lock is typically more challenging than picking a regular lock. Skilled burglars may still be able to do it. In terms of house security, deadbolt locks are a more safe option because they are made to withstand picking, drilling, and forceful entry.

It’s challenging, but not impossible, to get past a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt lock may be broken by a determined burglar who has the necessary equipment and enough time. However, deadbolts offer a greater level of security than ordinary locks since they are made to withstand forcible entry.

Although it takes expertise and specialized gear, it is feasible to open a deadbolt lock without a key. It is forbidden to pick locks without the owner’s permission. Lock picking is a method for opening locks without a key.

Many people agree that one of the most difficult deadbolt locks to pick is the Medeco Maxum 11*603. The American National Standards Institute has given it the highest degree of security certification, recognizing the distinctive shape that makes it challenging to pick, drill, or bump (ANSI). Other high-security deadbolt locks are the Mul-T-Lock Hercular and the Schlage B660P.