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Commercial Locksmith Indianapolis

Commercial Locksmith in Indianapolis

Trusted Commercial Locksmith Services Indianapolis

Have you been online, searching for an “Indianapolis commercial locksmith near me” that is reliable and affordable? Look no further than Chief of Locks! As a mobile commercial locksmith company, our affordable 24-hour service ensures that we are always available when you need us. Combined with our highly skilled and experienced technicians, Chief of Locks can ensure your business stays as safe and secure as possible, 24/7.

From assisting with basic lockouts, conducting safety inspections, or installing a complete system upgrade- no job is too small or too big. At Chief of Locks, your business is always a priority. Contact us for all your Indianapolis commercial locksmith needs ūüĒź.

Chief of Locks: Your #1 Indianapolis Commercial Locksmith


Our Chief of Locks team can provide any level of safety and security your Indianapolis business requires. We offer a wide range of security services essential for the protection of your commercial properties, such as security assessments, installations, repairs, and security upgrades. Combined with our 24-hour mobile emergency teams, you can rest easy knowing you have assistance around the clock.  

Commercial Locksmith in Indianapolis

Chief of Locks is a locally owned and operated mobile locksmith company providing 24-hour commercial locksmith assistance throughout the greater Indianapolis area. Read on to hear why you should choose Chief of Locks as your preferred Indianapolis commercial locksmith. 


As a locksmith company, Chief of Locks understands the importance of maintaining proper key control for the safety and security of your business and personnel. Key control is the process of managing keys to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas, assets, or information. In a commercial setting, it is crucial to maintain proper key control to safeguard against theft, vandalism, or other security breaches. Failure to implement an effective key control system can result in significant losses for a business. Therefore, it is essential to work with a trusted locksmith company, such as Chief of Locks, to design and install a comprehensive key control system that ensures the security of your business and commercial property.

Lock Rekeying

Another Indianapolis commercial service that Chief of Locks offers is lock rekeying. A basic lock contains tumblers and pins arranged in a unique pattern, requiring a key with the same pin pattern to unlock it. In a rekey, the lock is taken apart, and the tumblers and pins are rearranged in a new pattern, so the old key no longer works. Instead, a new key is made with same pin pattern. In case of lost or stolen keys, a rekey is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to a complete lock replacement, especially when needed for an entire building. Combined with our 24-hour mobile emergency services, our skilled technicians can have your locks rekeyed during your non-working hours, saving you from further inconvenience, time and money.

Advanced Security Solutions

Our Indianapolis commercial locksmith company provides much more than your basic lockout or rekeying services. At Chief of Locks, we also offer state-of-the-art security solutions and system upgrades. This includes keyless entry, smart locks, access control, CCTV cameras, monitoring stations, intrusion alarms, motion-sensing, and many other advanced security options to choose from. We tailor each security system based on your specific commercial needs to ensure the safety of your people and property, around the clock. 

Indianapolis Emergency Locksmith Services

Chief of Locks also offers 24-hour emergency services for your business and commercial properties. In case of after-hours lockouts or break-ins, our mobile service and expert technicians can quickly arrive and have your property secured, no matter the time. Chief of Locks is the best commercial locksmith service Indianapolis has to offer with our 24/7 availability and fast response times. We work around the clock to keep your business safe, so you don’t have to. Call Chief of Locks today!


Chief of Locks: Your #1 Indianapolis Commercial Locksmith 

Our Chief of Locks team can provide any level of safety and security your Indianapolis business requires. We offer a wide range of security services essential for the protection of your commercial properties, such as security assessments, installations, repairs, and upgrades.


Chief of Locks ‚Äď Your Trusted “Indianapolis Locksmith Near Me”

When it comes to locksmith services in Indianapolis, Chief of Locks is the most trusted. With years of experience in the industry, Chief of Locks has established itself as the leading provider of commercial locksmith services in the city. Whether you’re looking for key control, lock rekeying, or advanced security solutions, Chief of Locks has you covered.

 Commercial Lock Changes in Indianapolis

One of the many services Chief of Locks provides is commercial lock changes. If you have recently experienced a break-in, lost a key, or simply want to upgrade your security, Chief of Locks can help. Our 24-hour mobile services allow us to quickly respond and take care of your security needs, no matter the time. Our locksmiths will assess the issue and recommend the best solutions for your business. With our efficient, high-quality services, your business will be secure in no time.

 Commercial Lockout Services of Indianapolis

Emergencies can happen at any time, and a lockout can be a frustrating and stressful experience for any business. At Chief of Locks, we understand the importance of quick and efficient emergency locksmith services. Our mobile locksmith teams are available 24/7 and respond quickly to any lock and key situation. Whether it’s a basic lockout or a break-in, our locksmiths will ensure that your property is safe and secure as soon as possible.

 Commercial Lock Installation in Indianapolis IN

If you’re looking to upgrade your security, a new lock installation is a great option. Chief of Locks offers a wide range of new lock options, including keyless entry systems, advanced security locks, and more. Our locksmiths will assess your security needs and recommend the best solution for your business. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can be sure that your new lock will be installed correctly and provide optimal security for your property.

Chief of Locks

Having a dependable Indianapolis commercial locksmith, such as Chief of Locks is very important to the safety and security of any business. Our skilled locksmiths help businesses protect their property and personnel by providing important services such as key control and lock rekeying. We also offer advanced security solutions and 24-hour emergency services to ensure your business is as safe as possible, 24/7. Chief of Locks is the best commercial Locksmith Indianapolis has to offer!